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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy for Sell Car For Cash Chicago establishes the information we collect and use, and what controls you have for that data. Please read the full policy and contact us immediately if you have any questions or with to change how your information is being used.

Data that this website and our other services use is collected for the express purpose of improving your experience through better products and services, relevant offers, and guiding enhancements to our online interactions.

Data We Track

Sell Car For Cash Chicago is the sole owner of the information collected on this site and only we have specific access to all of the data collected or voluntarily provided by you. Data we collect may include personal information such as your name, address, contact information, or social media accounts. This is used to improve our interactions and offerings.

Sell Car For Cash Chicago does not sell your data. We may provide it to some of our partners but only if you give us express permission to share with those companies. The only other times data may be shared are in order to complete services you specifically request, such as providing your address to a delivery company when it is necessary to ship an order.

This site uses cookies and other tracking information in order to learn how our products and services are used. These details aren’t used to specifically monitor you and are never shared if there is any personally identifiable information attached.

Data Access And Your Choice

Access to your data is strictly controlled by Sell Car For Cash Chicago. Our employees only see your information when it is required to complete a request. This can be the delivery of a product or service, a customer service check, or help managing your account.

You can opt out of data access at any time. It may limit some of the services we are able to offer.

For information we share with our partners, you are always free to limit or restrict what information is shared. Contact Sell Car For Cash Chicago directly to change your preferences and have us cease information sharing in a reasonable amount of time.

Security And Updates

Sell Car For Cash Chicago uses SSL and secure server technology to protect your data as best we can. We are not responsible for the tracking and information collection performed by other websites, services, your browser and its extensions, or other companies operating outside of our control. Please read the privacy notices of all services and sites you use in order to stay in control of your data.

This Privacy Policy is subject to updates over time and Sell Car For Cash Chicago reserves the right to make those changes without prior notification. For any concerns or clarifications, please contact a Sell Car For Cash Chicago representative directly.